What’s it all about?

So, here we are, or at least here I am.  Let’s start at the very beginning, I feel like I should burst into song as I type that, however that would disturb the Kids who are plugged into the electronic babysitter.  I’ve already been told that the keyboard tapping is annoying and could I go elsewhere.

Anyway, a while ago I thought about starting a Blog, but I never really got round to it.  You see, my husband, lets call him Braai Boy (he will braai whenever and wherever come rain or shine), is in the Army and has spent the best part of the last 2 years away from the family home.  Whether through deployment, training exercises or courses he has not be around very much.  There are days when I have realised the majority of my conversation has been with Wee Man about which dinosaur is the biggest or most ferocious, and with Miss Sassy about what super powers are the best to have.  So, I thought if I wanted to have a chat that didn’t involve Superheroes and Dino’s maybe a Blog would be my space to talk about the high, lows and hilarity that come with being a Mama and an Army wife. 

Parenting can be pretty chaotic but it’s fun.  Chuck into the mix the fun that comes with Army life and at times you have utter chaos.  When thinking of what to call this blog I wanted to call it Cluster F*** Mama, as in Chaotic Mama, as I am constantly chasing my tail trying to be Super Mama/Wife/Daughter/Sister/Friend.  However, I couldn’t call it Cluster F***, firstly because my mum might read it and she hates swearing.  Secondly, my dad used to say that swearing is a lazy use of the English language.  Hmmm, at times I would beg to differ.  So, how to say Cluster F*** without offending?  Thanks Braai Boy, I will use the phonetic alphabet! 

Author: charliefoxtrotmama

Mama to 2 kids and an Army wife. Life’s a cluster but it’s all part of the adventure. This blogs about the highs, lows and hilarity that come with being a Mama and an Army wife. If my waffle helps someone realise that it is life that is a bit bonkers not them, and to smile when it all seems a bit sh*tty, well, I’ll be happy

One thought on “What’s it all about?”

  1. Ha ha ha! You might think it’s a Charlie Foxtrot but those of us who know you and get to see you in action know you’re killing it! Can’t wait to hear more about all your “adventures”. So Braai Boy not Captain Wonderpants? Probably wise 😘


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