The Move Part 1: Where To?

It really is just bricks and mortar

An inevitable part of being an Army family is The Move.  This Summer our time’s up here, we’re off to a new country, a new county, a new house and our next adventure.

I’m going to break The Move down into 3 separate blogs, otherwise this blog would be too long and you may be bored rigid. 

So, how does this Army moving malarkey work?  It all starts with the jobs list, Braai Boy will look through the list and highlight those jobs he’s interested in.  I will then half-heartedly look at what he has highlighted or made notes against.  You see, I am all about the where we go and not what he does.  Then we sit at the kitchen table with the list, a large glass of wine and have ‘the chat’. 

Not going to lie I have been known to get over emotional and dramatic at times (no comments please!):

  • ‘but it’s so faaaaar from everyone’ apparently I forget about technology and such things as planes, trains and automobiles
  • ‘but it’s so faaaaar from everything’ despite what I think Ikea, Gordons Wine Bar and Dominos Pizza are not everything.

Braai Boy is very diplomatic and plays along with my drama, sighing and general whinging whilst regularly topping up my glass.  I eventually run out of steam, despite what Braai Boys thinks there is only so much whinging I can actually do.  Several glasses of Sauvignon Blanc later and I am over the moon with the jobs he will be putting down on his list, funny that!  His selected jobs then get submitted and we wait to find out where our next home will be. It feels like we wait forever, in reality its not, I’m just very impatient.

To be honest, there have been 2 two postings which I absolutely did not want to go to.  However, I knew he really wanted the jobs, so I took one for the team (I know, supportive, right?).  You know what though? And this is the bit where Braai Boy has that look, you know the one, the I told you so Smuggy McSmug face, me and the Kids ended up really enjoying those two postings.  They were, and still are, as we’re still here (and only 5mins from Ikea) really good postings and that is down to the people we’ve met. 

For what it’s worth this is my take on The Move, and this is what I tell the Kids.  A house is not a home, a house is bricks and mortar.  A home is people and memories.  You can live anywhere as long as you have your family, friends, love and laughter, that is your home.  Why do I have this attitude? Well, it’s probably down to my formative years, yes I was an Army Brat (10 homes in 18 years).  In fact, fed up of people asking me where home was, I used to say that home was wherever my folks were with their full to bursting fridge.

So in 4 weeks time Braai Boy, Miss Sassy, Wee Man and I will start our next adventure.  There will be new places to explore, new friends to be made and a fridge that will need filling pretty sharpish as the House Warming Braai is already planned. 

Did I win the location versus job argument this time? Well, Ikea is near-ish, I’ll be able to sink a few in Gordons Wine Bar and Dominos deliver, so you could say that yes, this time I got where I wanted, for the next 2 years anyway. 

Author: charliefoxtrotmama

Mama to 2 kids and an Army wife. Life’s a cluster but it’s all part of the adventure. This blogs about the highs, lows and hilarity that come with being a Mama and an Army wife. If my waffle helps someone realise that it is life that is a bit bonkers not them, and to smile when it all seems a bit sh*tty, well, I’ll be happy

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